Transport Information -

For the ease of transportation for students, the school has provided the facility of Buses. There are currently 11 buses plying in all the nearby areas as well as far off areas.

Students are assigned buses according to the bus routes on the applicable charges. Efficient Drivers & conductors are always in the buses to help & guide the students. Student safety while traveling is always ensured by the drivers & conductors. 

The school buses are all installed with GPS, CCTV cameras. The safety of each child during the passage is of utmost importance to us. The buses are designed as per the standards. Besides ensuring the implementation of safety norms, all the staff on the bus is well trained in first aid & emergency management.



Guidelines for parents-

Following are some guidelines for the parents that are willing to send their wards on the bus-

  • Make sure that your child reaches the given bus stop right on time. The bus will not wait for anyone.
  • Make sure there is an adult to supervise your child at the bus stop as well. 
  • Once a child boards the bus, his safety is the responsibility of the school.
  •  Any child availing of the bus facility is liable to pay the fee.
  • Any damage in the bus, caused by your child will be charged as a fine.
  • Every child should understand that it is mandatory to stay disciplined in the bus as well.