"Read Books Change the world"


Books play a very essential role in every student's life. Most of the knowledge that they gain is through books. A school library is a place where students are introduced to the magical world of books where they can read & learn much more than the school curriculum. A School library helps the students to keep pace with the global knowledge world.

The School has a content-rich library. There are over 5100 books in the library. It houses a large and rich collection of resources that include books, newspapers and periodicals. These range from general reference material to specialized information. The reference section includes encyclopedias, linguistic and biographical dictionaries, Atlases, handbooks and directories. The news update corner has magazines and newspapers that encourage students and teachers to keep abreast with happenings around the world.

Students can very easily find books related to any subject such as Science, Technology, Religion, & many more. Young students can also find various storybooks to inculcate the habit of reading & understanding from paragraphs in their young minds. 

The library is well-furnished & ventilated. The sitting arrangement is made in such a way that we can accustom a lot of students but at the same time we can maintain the Covid guideline & follow social distancing!