Our Aim & Vision

HOSO Public School has a vision of creating a global outlook in every child who joins the school. The school provides a strong moral foundation for the development of a child’s personality without getting into the polemic of religion. The inculcation of the spirit of tolerance along with the determination to achieve and the deserve auto excel in all the endeavors is the central objective of the school mission.


The school endeavors are to skill the children to:


  • Enjoy not only the pleasure of winning but also learn how to lose with grace.

  • Rejoice in the wonder of the books as also to ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun & flowers on a hillside.

  • Understand that for every enemy there is a friend & for every villain there is a hero.

  • Understand that a hard-earned dollar is more valuable than a  fine stolen.

  • Learn how to do good work as it has its own reward & far more honorable to fail than cheat.

  • Know that strength & brain can be sold, but there cannot be a price tag on heart & soul.

  • Have faith in their own ideas, sublime & learn how to have faith on mankind.