Welcome to Hari Om Shiv Om School

Welcome to Hari Om Shiv Om School


Student must be good not alone in studies, but also in expression of thought, behaviour and physical activities. Hence, our aim is at the development of child's personality in all directions. To develop various attributes in our children, we have intgarted games, debates, dramatics and many other activities in our curriculam. We feel the most important quality in child that should be developed in public school is good behaviour. A well behaved child reflects his good up bringing at home as well as his good grooming by his teacher in school.

When a child leaves his school and goes out in the world, he should know how to represent himself in Public. He should be able to leave behind all his inhibitions and be a confident aspect of good public school education if he is constantly guided by his teachers and parents.

Discipline is the most important aspect of a good public school education if we are able to produce well adjusted, well manned & well groomed men and women, we can call ourselves sucessful. Such is the dream of the management and every teachers of Hari Om Shiv Om Public School to groom the children who will bring pride & joy to his school, to their parents, to society and to the nation.

Chairman's Message

I am glad to say that I am a product of ‘ Public High School’ ,a school which ran in 1950’s –70’s by my father to provide the educational opportunities to rural people keeping in mind the today’s inclusive and integrated educational strategies at that time and brought out geniuses and laurels to the society through his tireless efforts.


Principal's Message

Each day when I walk the school aisle, I hear the chatter of eager minds, the excitement from the victorious athletes, and the sound of melodious voices harmonizing. We with a different perceptive, allow our students to relish their childhood. We value individualism and try to maculate creativity, innovation and confidence. Beside rigorous scholastic programmes,

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The school is Equipping the students Mentally, Morally, Physically & Culturally to become worthy citizens of free India,to zealousaly guard and retain its noble traditions and to make progress in a modern scientific way.

Sh. Bachan Singh Arya Ji
M.L.A Safidon Constt.

The school bears the name "Almighty" ,to create and imprint on the lives of the following generations to fasten the values of humanity in your Children

Swami Dharamdev ji Pataudi