About Us

Hari Om Shiv Om Incullates-


H  Holistic Value of the school is to create a conducive environment not only for a student's growth but also for grooming up a devoted personality to the welfare & growth of humanity. The aim of these values is to imbibe the moral values of Indian Culture, preparing the students to express themselves to the stage, including good manners, hygienic habits, preparing a peaceful & calm atmosphere and provide physical toning up in the students.

O Our objective is that a child may progress and prosper, he may know what is the truth. He may forsake untruth and accept the truth. For organizing effective teaching and learning so many objectives are kept in mind. Despite these objectives, the difficulties of the pupils and their needs are also kept in mind. Teachers use an effective method for teaching the students so that they can get effective knowledge.

S Students' welfare through different programs such as personal cleanliness, personal development, environment activities, provision of play and rest programs, planned schemes, programs of education, peer and parent support, cultural and carrier building activities, Impartial treatment are being practiced in school for the overall development of a child.


O Old traditions and Indian culture are respected & practiced by the children as they accept that the change is the law of life. Opportunities to achieve a higher position in society, to obtain more and more education, to gain higher & higher social status, occupational improvements are the future steps that are actively taken by us to bring social changes in the environment.


P Perfection here implies that education must try to develop every aspect of one's personality, all the abilities and power by which one can be endowed by nature. Hence, the aim of the school is not merely conducting examinations, giving degrees and certificates of merit and ultimately making him achieve economic self-sufficiency through pursuing some profession but also to develop a child's personality. No part of his personality is neglected by us.

S School has a multi prolonged approach to provide the right atmosphere for sports and games for the overall development of little angels. There are all sorts of amenities in the school, including toys, swings & purified water.