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    1. Keeping in view the change in the weather the school timings will be from 9:00am to 2:30 p.m. from 4 Nov 2019 (Monday onwards).


About School

Class I to XII

Subject being taught at a primary level are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Integrated Science Social Science, Value Education, General Knowledge, Art Education, Computer Education, Music, Work Experience (Toy making, clay modeling etc.) based on N.C.E.R.T. and C.B.S.E. syllabi and also the life skills.


In today’s competitive world values are inevitable part of one’s personality. The values selected include personal, social and spiritual; Personal Values:- Responsibility, Self satisfaction Punctuality, Regularity, perseverance, physical fitness and hygiene. Social Values :- Courtesy and Etiquettes, Co-operation, Team-Spirit, Dignity of work, National integration and family values. Spiritual Values:- Truth fullness, Honesty, Faith in God, Thankfulness, Humility and Goodness. These values are inculcated through yoga, Morning Assemblies and life skill educational programmes.


The Academic year commences from first NAVRATRA in chaitra and ends in falgun. The year’s work is divided into two semesters:-

  1. April to September
  2. October to March.


Summer : 08:30A.M to 2:15 P.M
Winter :    09:00A.M to 2:45 P.M